Area Rides

These rides are NOT QCW-organized or endorsed rides, the club is in no way responsible for the conduct or outcomes of these rides, or their participants. QCW provides this listing simply as an informational service for our members, and the general public.

These Philadelphia-based training rides available to everyone.

A summer schedule is in effect from the first Sunday in April until the last Sunday in October, subject to daylight and weather constraints.

Tuesday Morning Sprints: Starts 6:45am at the Points Course. 7 hot laps finishing in an uphill sprint on a 2.2 mile circuit followed by 2 minutes recovery after each “sprint”—a great way to start the day! The course is open to traffic.

Italian Fountain: Tuesdays at 6:00pm from the fountain near Lloyd Hall. Rides to Ft Washington/Militia Hill at a relatively brisk pace and is typically 30-35 miles and takes 1:45-2:00 hours to complete. Similar speed and group that does this ride on the weekend.

Hill Ride: Thursdays at 6:30pm. Leave from the West Side of Falls Bridge. Ride heads towards Gladwyne to climb hills such as La Collina, Rose Glen Road, Waverly Road, and Lafayette Road. Return through Conshohocken and the bike path. QCW Hill Ride Cue Sheet.

Great Valley Training Crit: Thursdays at 6:00pm. This impromptu crit is held weather permitting, mid-March through September at the Great Valley Corporate Center, near Malvern. There is no registration and it is not sanctioned. Points (sprint) format, 30 laps of a 1-mile course, sprint every 3rd lap, 30 miles, mostly flat with a slight hill at one end.

Greentree Training Crit: Thursdays at 6:30pm. Leave from the Greentree Industrial Park, in Marlton, NJ. This is a popular training race on a 1 mile circuit. Speeds average 26+, although if you fall off, you can rejoin the group fairly easily on the next lap.

Deathmarch to Greentree Training Crit: Why is it called the death march? Ride your bike quickly through the city and race to the Ben Franklin Bridge at 5:30pm, then ride through Camden to the Marlton area and specifically Greentree. Do this all at *20mph avg to get to Greentree start on time, and you have the deathmarch. Ride the training crit and get back in time for a late dinner with the family and you have a near-300-TSS Thursday night training session. Some very notable riders have been dropped on this ride or have cracked on the way home. Your likely to get a flat, and we will stop and assist you but please arrive with fully inflated tires and tubes/pump to repair a puncture. Sometimes you will have to dig deep and close a gap during this ride. Other times you will have to swerve around a pedestrian walking out between two parked cars, so always stay alert. Bike racing is hard as this ride often replicates, so only come out when you are prepared for all that it offers. Deathmarch to Greentree Training Crit cue sheet.

Italian Fountain: Saturdays and Sundays at 9:00am. Leave from the Italian Fountain, behind the Art Museum, near Lloyd Hall. These rides vary, with typically 40+ riders (fewer during racing season) showing up going anywhere from 45-65 miles. Generally, this ride breaks up into smaller groups.

QCW Base Training Ride: Sundays 8:45am. Runs from October to early-March. This is a moderately paced Fall/Winter base building ride. Usually each ride is different, the route depending upon the mood of the riders that show up. This is a great ride in which to meet QCW club members. Leave from the Bulldog Statue at 25th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue & Fairmount Avenues. Like QCW Cycling on Facebook to receive status updates on this ride throughout the season.

Night Ride: (sounds crazy but it works!) Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm. Leave from the Bulldog Statue at 25th & Pennsylvania & Fairmount Avenues. Ride heads to Memorial Hall and continues on the roads in Fairmount Park. Stay tuned for February and March’s Thursday evenings Points Race at this time! Remember to bring a light.


These rides are regular and informal, usually with racers and fast riders from several different area clubs. For a variety of slower-paced rides, check out the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia’s ride list.